Permanent mobile home

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly home and can’t or don’t want to pay rent. With property prices out of control, a Gaia Mobile Home could be a perfect investment.

holiday home

If you’re looking for a completely unique holiday home, choose Gaia Mobile Home instead of a campsite or a bed&breakfast..

for rent

Do you want to invest? Do you own a beautiful plot of land? Gaia Mobile Home can be a modern apartment for rent.

Modern and completely unique.

Gaia Mobile Home is a great solution for those looking for a modern and mobile tiny house at a reasonable price. It has a maximum width of 255 cm, as required by the HC, and a length of 6 or 8 metres. Its height is the maximum allowed to make the 15-20 m2 interior as comfortable as possible. The maximum gross weight is 3.5 tonnes in all cases, so it can be towed with a B+E licence.

yet it fits everything!

The Gaia Mobile Home is on a trailer from which it can be lifted off with the help of hoists.

Frame structure, insulation:  A custom-made steel frame or timber frame makes up the frame of the house, the walls and the slab. They are insulated with rockwool and have 6 air chambers, double-layered windows to ensure proper thermal insulation.

Roof: The roof has a special weather and UV resistant cladding, making the home fully four-seasonal.

Heating: The heating can be provided by infra floor heating, air conditioning or even a cosy indoor small fireplace.

Water block:The installation includes water, waste water and electricity outlets. The bathroom is equipped with shower, toilet and washbasin.

The bathroom includes:

  • 1 80*80 shower cabin
  • 1 toilet with tank,
  • 1 washbasin,
  • 1 50 l electric water heater.

Interior cladding: pine wood cladding.
Flooring: waterproof vinyl.
Exterior cladding: laminated aluminium sheet
Roof: anthracite aluminium sheet


24 years of experience on wheels!

With more than 24 years of experience, our team is mainly involved in general construction. Our main profile is the construction of lightweight family houses. Our aim is to build quality and long-lasting properties, and quality and reliability are important criteria when using our materials. With this mentality we also build our mobile homes, which, thanks to years of experience, are high quality and guaranteed to last.

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